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John Councilman, Owner of JCI in Crested Butte JCI was established in April of 1976 by partners John Councilman, John Councilman Jr. and Bruce Councilman under the name Quartz Creek Valley Construction. Originally the company was set up to assay U.S. Gold Patents in Gunnison County. Eventually the gold market dried up and the equipment became used more and more for construction and excavation purposes. Now we provide comprehensive services to home owners, business owners and developers in Crested Butte and Gunnison, Colorado and surrounding areas.

JCI descended from previous ventures of the Councilman Family. Circa 1920, John Councilman, Sr. came to Gunnison County seeking fortune in gold. He established several mine patents in the Bowerman area east of Pitkin. Obviously he was about 50 years too late and soon returned to New England. About 50 years later there was a renewed interest in mineral exploration so John Sr. convinced his sons John Jr., an airline pilot and Bruce, a helicopter pilot, to purchase a backhoe with him in order to excavate his claims and determine if they had any value. In 1975 Coucilman Mining Corp. was formed and Bruce moved out to the Gunnison area to begin digging and assaying the claims.

From mining in Quartz Creek to Building Roads in Crested Butte It wasn't long before locals noticed the backhoe, and began hiring Bruce to do excavations, culverts, grading and irrigation ditches. Soon a small side business developed that actually paid! After several months of continuous construction work and a waning of interests in gold, Quartz Creek Valley Construction was formed. It became apparent that the quickly growing business would require constant physical presence and labor so a third generation of Councilman's was brought on board. John Councilman III was an 18 year old college student when he transferred to Western State College in Gunnison and began working for his father and uncle in the family business which eventually became Councilman Construction Co.

As the business grew and operations expanded up valley, the office and shop was relocated to Crested Butte. In 1984 John Councilman III bought the remaining interests in the company, incorporated and became John Councilman Inc., JCI as it remains today.

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